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Melissa Cates



My Story

Before I became a consultant, I was a Scentsy customer for many of years. I never understood the hype around Scentsy before I became a customer and then a Scentsy addict, but having my entire house a wickless home was so important to me! Not only did/do I love the look of the products, but I love how long the scents lasted! Now my story of WHY SCENTSY doesn’t end here….

I had been struggling to find myself not only as an individual, but as a mother and a wife. I fell into a very deep depression in March of 2020 after my daughter Fayth (9 years old at the time) was diagnosed with Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis (Very rare. Only about 10,000 kids WORLDWIDE have Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis. Many ask if this is something Fayth will outgrow, and the answer is no. Pediatric MS is the same thing as MS just found in kids). I didn't know how in the world I was going to be able to hold down a job, how I was going to be able to support her emotionally and financially, but I knew I had to find a way. This is when I decided to start my journey with Scentsy! After months of laying around being depressed and wondering how in the world I was going to be strong enough for her, I knew I had to find something and guess what? I found my purpose. I found that “job” that I could work from home or anywhere, and be able to be here every minute of everyday to care for Fayth (and my other kids too of course). I joined Scentsy November 5th, 2020 and boy did it change not only my life but my little girls life! I still remember the day that really made me realize everything was going to be ok, like it was yesterday..... Fayth ( 10 years old at the time) came to me holding money in her hands (her own money). When I asked her what that was for, she said "Mommy! Can I please buy a Scentsy Buddy for a kid in the hospital?” (Fayth had seen so many kids all by themselves in the hospital and it really made her super sad) This right here is when I knew that Scentsy was going to be something that was so good for Fayth and I, and something we could focus our time and energy on together. Operation Fayth was started that year and so far, we have been able to give back more than 500 Scentsy Buddies to children at Children's Hospital Colorado North Campus since November 2020!

This journey has been nothing short of amazing! Between bringing me out of some of the hardest/darkest days, to being able to help others change their lives by them joining and starting their own journey, I am so blessed to have found a company that truly loves and supports everyone!

I am so glad that I found something that allows Fayth, our family and myself to focus on the positives in life and not the pain, stress, and worry that we all carry around every day because of this life changing disease. Fayth may only be 12 years old, but Scentsy has changed her little life too! She can’t wait to turn 18 so that she can start her very own Scentsy journey!

I would love to have you join my Scented and Sassy family and help you make Scentsy a blessing in your life too! Let’s do this together!

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